Clear & Simple DIGITAL Pregnancy Test

With this pregnancy test a misinterpretation nearly is impossible.

You would like to know at once if you are pregnant or not? The Clear & Simple digital pregnancy test shows the result after 3 minutes already on the 1st day after the non-appearance of the period. The YES/NO indication is unequivocal.

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1 test C3 3012 9.34 €
3 tests C3 3012-3 23.74 €
5 tests C3 3012-5 35.11 €
7 tests C3 3012-7 47.54 €

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Description for Clear & Simple DIGITAL Pregnancy Test

With this pregnancy test a misinterpretation nearly is impossible.

If you still consider, which pregnancy test could be the right one for you, then you just have found it! You would like to know why? Please find your advantages below, if you decide to take the Clear & Simple DIGITAL pregnancy test:

You will get either the measuring device with 1 test strip or packs with 3, 5 or 7 tests and additionally the respective measuring device. Within 3 Minutes you will get an unequivocal indication.

• With the single test, the result stays on the display for 48 hours. With the multipack tests, the result stays on thew display for 5 minutes

• The measuring device is reusable.

Detection limit from 25 mlU/ml HCG as early as one day after the missed period

Storage at 2 °C - 30 °C

The Clear & Simple DIGITAL Pregnancy test can be used as dip test and midstream test as well. The test is approved for professional and for private use. The sensitivity according to the test shall be at least 99 %. the result is indicated in a digital display with YES/NO. The result is shown after 3 minutes and with the single test it stays visible for 48 hours, with the multiple packs it stays visible only 5 minutes. Please decide if you want to get 1 test only or a multiple pack with 3, 5 or seven tests plus measuring device.

A pregnancy always is a significant interference in a woman's life, no matter whether you do long for a child or you do rather not. The reliable pregnancy test Clear & Simple DIGITAL, which almost allows no misinterpretation, should be the first choice for both situations.

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